Wheel of Bingo

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Wheel of Bingo has two parts. Part 1: Spin the wheel to match bingo numbers. Choose a game mode of either 15 or 25 spins. To help the player, colored marks are drawn on the wheel to indicate their bingo numbers. For every bingo number match, the player gains points and a colored ball which will be used in part 2. For a complete bingo line, many extra balls are awarded. Part 2: Drop balls to match colors in a game like plinko. The point values shown at the bottom of the screen are base values, but are multiplied if there is a successful color match. The multiplication value for each color is shown at the top of board when launching the ball.

Part 1 Use the buttons labelled SPIN LEFT and SPIN RIGHT located below the wheel Hold the button to power up the spin which is indicated by the spin gauge above the button Part 2 Click and hold to position the ball at the top of the the plinko board






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